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Billy Crawford
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Billy Crawford

Hiccups lyrics

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Billy Crawford – Hiccups lyrics

I'm intrigued but,
I can't get the words to speak
Something abot the way she looks at me
Ties my tongue so nervous inside
Eyes (eyes)green her body's like fire (fire) hot as hell so I try, baby
And I hope it's not too late

Cause usually it's so simple for me but not with that girl
She's so fine!

Baby so fine got me stuck lie hiccup
Tripping over words like a nerd when we get up
I try to play it cool but when I do
Ohh get the hiccups

I'm confused
I don't know what I should do
Cause everytime that I choose to move
Seems just like I loose her
Body has got me stumbling
Like I've been drinking something
Tipsy so high, she's so fine!

Ohh ohh
The next time that I see her
Ohh ohh
I think I'm going to tell her
Ohh ohh
How bad I really need her
Ohh ohh
If I could speak the words

I was at the bar when I saw you pass you gave me hiccups
But that wasn't from a glass, that was from your ass I ain't
Goin front from your back to your front got me wilden I'm smilin like
This is something I want hiccup there we go again I got ya
Holler in act your friends I see you girls I'm about to go with him
And I'm feeling your get ups so lets bounce cause I'm
Feeling the hiccups song. Billy Crawford.

Ohh ohh
Ohh ohh
The next time that I see her
Ohh ohh
I'm gonna need her yeah
Ohh ohh
How bad I really need her (hey yeah ohh hear me girl!)

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