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Benzino – Gangsta's Touch lyrics

Hangman Three Zino Murder Murder Hangman Three Zino Zino Benzino Cadillac Tah

See it ain't nothin but the gangsta's touch
That make em wanna ride with us
So come on mami hop on in this truck
People runnin leakin like Angel Dust
After we fuck blaze one up
Gangsta touch
That make em wanna ride with us
So come on mami hop on in this truck
People runnin leakin like Angel Dust
After we fuck blaze one up

[Cadillac Tah]:
Gangsta's get it goin chips and steady growin while haters are steady
Plottin whatever we told them and poppin Ma I know you love it when
We rollin sittin in that baby blue blow this gangsta clean and straight
From Queens and I do it for my block huggers niggas can not touch us
Roadies gotta love us something to bottom borrow choke the fifth you're
Bones saggin I'm tryin to see what's happenin lil mama what's crackin
I ain't with all the yappin and bumpin the gums jump in the boxer you
Hungry we can go get a lobster sugar listen you dealin with big sippin
Players who want to be pimps drinkin all that garbage


Baby blue navy blue yellow canary stones she wanna have my baby she like
The way I bone she wanna be my lady no wifey's at home black Mercededes
Coupe sittin on chrome she whisper to her girl I wanna take Zino home
Obsessed with the fact she ain't leavin me alone okay mama you want it
My dons gonna give it meet Black Cadillac don't rap it we live it up in
Mass 21 chicks flock when we huddle my team's so fly we should own a Delta
Shuttle so stop actin boosie you talkin too much cause you fuckin with a
Dawg with a gangsta touch


[Black Child]:
See knowin nothin but a gangsta to pick her up and break her off baby so I hit her up and split a Dutch dud by nature Ma I ain't gon chase ya we
Make chips major take trips to Vegas sold fits with lazers don't believe
Everything you hear you heard I play in the Coupe with birds remove the
Roof and splurge I'm really uncommercial without rehearsal a controversial
Gangsta but I ain't gonna hurt ya so holla at us we got bottles to bust
And models to touch thug life gangstas 'are us plus we them ballas to click
With big six fifth shit with God as my witness


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