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Ben Dejong – If It's Rain I'll Make It Sun lyrics

I'm steppin' out my car it's sunny it's nice
Gotta pocket fulla money and a wrist fulla ice yo
I am so happy don't know why don't know how
Things are more like they used to be than what they are now... Wait, what?
I gotta few homies who hang out with me all day
A few of them are straight and the other ones are... Curvy
One of 'em said "I wanna lose some ugly fat" so I said
"cut off your head"

If it's rain I'll make it sun, if it's yes I'll make it not
If it's up I'll make it down, if it's cold I'll make ya hot
There's people who cause happieness wherever they go and
There's people who cause happieness whenever they go...
Like me... Just kiddin'... Maybe

I wanna make money off writing funny songs
So I better have the "cents" of humor
I love animals from tigers to moose dude
Does your train of thought have an engine or caboose?
Did you hear about the guy who's left side waz all cut off?
Yes I did, he's all "right" now... !
I almost finished school and I did no drugs
I ain't no killa and I ain't no thug yo I
Win every bet and I'll bet that I'll bet that I'll win every bet that I'll bet that I'll bet and I
Almost had a girlfriend but she left me be4 we met...

If it's rain I'll make it sun, if it's yes I'll make it not
If it's up I'll make it down, if it's cold I'll make ya hot
You know all of my friends, I know all of your friends, (nailed it)
That proves that it's a small world, but god I still don't wanna paint it
Iz everything okay, is everything alright?
A day without sunshine is you know... Night
I wanna play tag and I call "not it" and
Honk I'd you like the peace and the quiet yo I
Don't play soccer and I don't play tennis cuz I
Don't have the ballz to do it and
Every single time I try to hit the gym
I twist and I swing and I mist and I
Went home and bought a chicken and a bell
Then I set my alarm cluck...

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