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Beauty Pill – The Mule On The Plane lyrics

Look beyond the things you know

There's a mule on the airplane sitting next to you
You'd know her name was Consuelo if you'd be introduced

Consuelo carries a package and she's paid to look away
She's departures and destinations and silence on the way

Don't look now, there's a mule on the plane
You deplore the methods and you thrive on the results
And your greatest fear is to be found out
She deplores the methods and subsists on the results
And her greatest fear is to be found out

There's a mule on the airplane staring straight ahead
Not much for conversation, just staring straight ahead
Getting used to the sad sensation of feeling out of place
She's from one of those countries where they come up and starve right in your face

Don't look now, there's a mule on the plane

Well even a broken clock's right twice a day!
But you, you suffer, you suffer and suffer
Yes, I know it's true

Consuelo drifts asleep
She dreams of medicine
She dreams of food
She dreams of shelter

So look beyond the things you know
Don't look now...

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