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Beady Belle – Game lyrics

Little boys and little girls
Playing parts in little worlds
Little girls and little boys
Properties are little toys

Inside the doll's huse the game begins
Girl is the princess and boy's the prince
Feeling secure from the ogre who's sitting in the playground
They've got a jingle in case they fight
That will decide who is wrong or right
Gotta be friends and behave if they both are ever going to be crowned

Boy's got a toy-gun in case of war
And that is just what he's waiting for
Girl rocks her doll's pram pretending the Barbie is a baby
Boy tries his best to be hard and cool
Girl to be soft as cotton wool
Prince is a gentleman and the princess is the finest lady

They know exactly how to play
They know exactly what to say
'Cause they have served their apprentice-ship

Prince wants the princess to watch him fight
She says that she doesn't think it's right
But he wants to show her that she is together with a winner
Outside the doll's house the ogre starts
Shaking the house till it falls apart
Princess and Prince gotta run unless they're gonna be his dinner

Running together with equal goals
Better be home playing with adults
Mum saying: "It's just a game", and they don't have to worry
Inside the kitchen the game begins
Mum is the princess and Dad's the prince
Kids getting bored by watching a copy of the same old story

They know exactly how to play
They know exactly what to say
'Cause they have served their apprentice-ship

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