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Barnes & Barnes – Roadblock lyrics

I ran into a roadblock
In my quest for finding you
I got caught in a headlock
Can't seem to break on through
I ran into a roadblock
I ran into a roadblock
I got hit in the crosswalk
I have suffered injury
You are Park Place and Boardwalk
My little monopoly
I ran into a roadblock
I ran into a big fat roadblock
Secret s*** signals swiftly sent to my brain
I will be your dick and you be my Jane
You squirm like a worm outside in the rain
All the little angels sing
All the bells in Heaven ring
I have taken the hard knocks
I have carried a heavy load
Like a time bomb tick tock
For your love I am going to explode
I ran into a roadblock
I ran into a hairy roadblock
You put out the sweetest smell that I've ever known
All my ears want to hear are your sighs and moans
All my hands long to feel is flesh on your bones
Do I make myself quite clear
Don't you feel me waiting here
So I drive on through the night
Through the cold and the rain
I drive and drive again
Through the snow and the sleet
I will travel to be by your feet
Through the dark and the storm
I will come to you and make myself feel warm
If it takes forever that's the way it will be
I am doomed to feel this way permanently
Anything it takes to have you foaming for me
Do you feel the way I do
Won't you say you love me too
Sallysally@usa. Net

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