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Barbra Streisand – Queen Bee lyrics

[Performed by Barbra Streisand]

Will you welcome please: The Oreo's

The black, black widow is sittin' in the middle of the web,
It's the fly she seeks.
You may be her lover but you never will recover,
'cause she ain't had a bite for weeks.
You think you're the same, 'cause you got the same name,
But the widow has a mobile home.
Remember what I told you, she got eight arms to hold you,
And she's never gonna let you roam
She'll tuck you into bed, truck on your head,
Then she'll wrap you as a midnight snack.
So if you see a spider, don't you sidle up beside her
Why'd you think the widow's wearin' black?
Queen bee, baby
Pray that you may be left on your own, uh huh
Nothin' she'll give you, gonna outlive you
But the queen bee's never gonna be alone
Long before Atlantis there has been a praying mantis
And you know why he's on his knees
He may have religion but he's just a sittin' pigeon
If a woman even starts to tease.
He won't even quibble if she has a little nibble on his neck,
What a way to go.
And now you done and torn it!
You been messin' with a hornet, she's a blue-blooded wasp, you know.
And just as you do it, she'll inject you with a fluid
That you ain't even got but none.
You're the meat on the plate, not even first rate,
She's gonna feed you to her seventh son.
Just like the Queen bee, baby
Pray that you may be left on your own, uh huh
Nothin' she'll give you, gonna outlive you
But the queen bee's never gonna be alone.
So, in conclusion, it's an optical illusion, if you think that we're the
Weaker race.
Men got the muscle, but the ladies got the hustle, and the truth is starin'
In your face.
The mother bear stalks, and the queen of the hawks,
Is the one who brings home the bread.
The lion that is regal, and the bold headed eagle,
Need a woman just to keep them fed.
But come the evenin', we're like Adam and his Eve,
Inside the garden hear the serpents sound?
It's so frustratin', when you're really into matin',
And there ain't a lovin' man around.
Whoever wrote this story, throw out the glory
Bring in the men (give me them and I'll swing)
Write me a sequel, give me an equal
And I'll give that man
I said I'm gonna give that lovin' man
I said I'm gonna give that lovin' man,
I'm gonna give him that lovin' sting! Zap!

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