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Bang Tango – Dancin' On Coals lyrics

Well I'm always too fast
They're always too slow
And that I'll make you see
That I'm smart as a cracker
And I crack like a whip
Gonna make you believe
I've lived a million times before
And I've seen a million ways
That psychedelic crap coming through the front door
Gettin' kicked out the back, yeah
Sometimes I get tired and I can not sleep
Sometimes I lose control, it takes control of me
And when I'm fallin' down, down on my knees
Takin' me, takin' me, takin' me

Well, I'm dancin' on coals
I'm dancin' with the angels
And I'll do anything, just make me get a smile, yeah
I'm dancin' on coals
I'm dancin' with the angels
I'll do anything, just make me crack a smile

Grip tight to the things I like
And I always steal away
Well, bless those ones with faceless lies

'Cause they carry such a heavy strain
Don't go lookin' for answers
'Cause the road is always bent
The fools use the system
But I know that it's spent
Ain't no fool, no

Got a good thing goin' in life
God knows I'd give it a try
Got a shot of love and there ain't no hate
Don't you know, I'll make no mistakes?

Dancin' all my way through life
I know just what I like
I know just what I want
I know just who I am
I'm dancin' all the way
I'm a modern man
Last night I took a midnight flight
Across the stars
Sat there lookin' down on earth
Straight down from Mars
I know just what I want
I know just who I am
I'm dancin' all the way
Well, I'm back down on earth
And I'm dancin' again

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