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Bane Of Existence – Cankerous lyrics

Reliving old wounds once that healed.
Can't escape the memories once dormant in my mind.
As doubt settles in
I cannot rekindle my faith.
Unending despair I feel.
For I fear it's too late.
Cannot explain what went wrong.
Fleeting hopes of sanity.
Frightened by my instilled thoughts.
My mind won't let me free.
Engulfing fear.
Shadowed in grief.
Enduring this pain of disbelief.
Whispering chaos.
The end has begun.
Staring into the reflection of horror.
Death is a mask of pain unforeseen...
Vivid images of corruption and sorrow.
Humanity kills.
Innocence obscene.
Their point of view became our reality.
Sanity is but a mere shadow on the wall.
In a blink of an eye, lost mentality.
Corruption of our minds;
The black abyss of thought.
At war with my reality
Walls falling onto me.
The stranglehold of corruption grows.
Until it reaches the unbearable end.
Now you're dead in my eyes.
Through my eyes you're dead.
The lies that I once believed
[Were] the last words that you said.
Now through my eyes you're dead
And dead you'll always be.
Using rage to release
The binds of pain engulfing me.
Anger bleeding into my vision.
Fading fast before the incision.
Going in for the final kill.
Never ending.
I'm bleeding still.
Cannot live.
Cannot die.
Waiting and holding
Onto my final goodbye.
In the shallow plane of the conscious mind,
Reality fades
Losing faith with time.
In the inner soul of our cursed existence,
Void of forgiveness.
We watch and we see and realize we don't care.
Oblivious to our own malignancy.
Too concerned with ourselves to ever take notice.
Void of expression
Now damned to be...

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