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Avy – How I Felt lyrics

Oh baby I can't believe u done this to me[whisper voice]

Avy lets go

[Verse 1]Avy
Remember the days when you said u loved me
Remember the times when i sat back cried cuz i don't want nobody else expect 4 u babe(ummm)
I wish u loved me like i loved u den maybe our love would be very strong
I don't know what 2 do now since ure outta my lifeeee(umm)

Everytime when i wanted u back
u just looked me in the eye & sed u want Sammy indsteaaaaaaad Oh nooooo Oohhhh

If you knew how i felt boy
u would mess wit my head
u told me 2 get lost
now I'm sayin my goodbyes
I loved you (Oh yeah)
I knew I loved you
I decided what I want now
I know it's not even
I finally found what u really like
so dnt come runnin back 2 me cuz u know what the answer is

Oh real love iz not what u showed me
Oh real love u dnt know the meanin of
Oh real loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[Verse 2]Avy
Lemme break it down, break it down
I don’t wanna get it on wit da light down
And da music (turned up)
You call me your breezy


Bring it back now
Have u finally realised what u dun 2 Avy
yo diz iz lil.T tryin 2 teach u sum sense
u kept on bumping & grindin
sniffin’ & shinin’
cheatin on her wasn't real true answer
You should of showed her some respect at least buy her some diamonds & pearls
I've had enough so come on get the hell outta here ‘yall hit it’

You no (you no)
You no (you no)

[Chorus-Fade out]-shani, ayesha] no,no,no,no,no,nooooooooooooo
[Chorus-x4]-shani, ayesha] yeah, yeah,yeah,yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

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