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Aveo – Bridge To The Northern Lights lyrics

"please step away"
Said the accidental signpost
To the kid on the edge
With a look of falling out there
Just to see if the hands
Of the angels
Could just block him
From the sea
From the night
From the echo of his shout
Now tell me
Who can resist
The allure of looking down
Upon the peace of the place
All this loosening of rave from
And this view
A lonely view
But as an open invitation
I don't know
"oh, no"
With a jaw
Said the empathetic driver
To herself
As she threw
All the strength into the brake's head
It was there
On the bridge
Of the northern lights that sparkled
With the city of her might
Which she knew it was at stake
Now tell me who could resist
And at this moment of attack here
And turn around, open palm
With desire to connect
He heard the name
From a friend
This is an open invitation
But to where, I don't know
Hey-yay-yay yah-ah-ah
Hey-yay-yay yah-ah-ah
H-yay-yay yah-ah-ah
You will
"please step away"
Spoke from her accidental courage
To the kid on the end
And then looking in
In sadness, 'cause
There is no guarantee
That there are angels even listening
Is this a pity, there's a need
To run happy from the facts now
Tell me how can resist
To construct their own conclusion
To the page of the book
And so some boats of the air from
Heaven's view
This lovely view
This is an open invitation
But to where
I don't know
"please hear me out
I like to sit in tall places"
Said the kid on the edge
With the hope of racing near here
Just to see if these hands
Can let go of this guard-rail
But isn't death
On the mind?
You'd better call the next-of-kin now
Tell me who can resist
Dreams of falling and flying
In the rush and the sound
And all freedom from this weight here
It was there on the bridge
Of the northern lights
They left
The car idling at the side of the road
Yay-yay-yay yah-ah-ah
Yay-yay-yay yah-ah-ah
H-yay-yay yah-ah-ah
You will
You will (yay-yay-yay yah-ah-ah, yay-yay-yay yah-ah-ah)
You will (h-yay-yay yah-ah-ah, you will)
You will (yay-yay-yay yah-ah-ah, yay-yay-yay yah-ah-ah)
You will (h-yay-yay)
Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah
You wi-ill (x4)

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