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A.Tone Da Priest – Machine Gun lyrics

[Verse 1]
Welcome to my show, center stage I’m blown like a whistle
Targeting these freaks like a missile
Ripples of sound all around through speakers
Stand before disciples spoken work, I’m a teacher
I’m a preacher, my fans
Want a little bit of Tone they tryna see who I am
Do what I can, I can’t help that I’m this
Fly, so the hater must resort to violence
Silence, I’m one with the air
Nothing on my mind but these braids in my hair
I stare, into space impaired
Don’t dare cross me you’ll get two where you stare
Where you hear, don’t it sound lush?
Beat flat line on this track I bust
Just to let you know I killed it, right before my v done
Hear the snare drum pop, just like a machine gun
Hear the snare drum pop, pop, pop, pop
Hear the snare drum pop, pop, pop, pop
Hear the snare drum pop, pop, pop, pop
Hear the snare drum pop, just like a machine gun
[Verse 2]
Rise man rise, that’s what they telling me
Just to get high like the tide, these dreams they selling cheap
As I screen out the b.s., zone gone from here
With wings, get the pretext, zone done disappeared
No fear but look, I’m burning I’m burning
Hot like the barrel, fuck it, ain’t no comparing
They dare me to jump, but I been hurdled the ledge
Me and be unique? Shit, it’s like we took a pledge
Words unsaid, at the moment, but well get another try
It’s like they doubt up on till they see your palace in the sky
Oh my, I’m feeling special if only for a minute
I don’t live life to rebel, man that’s just the way they spin it
Watch me implement this order, get the hands swinging
I’m just the king on the court, sure, that’s the role I’m playing
No entertaining lies though the truth hurts, bee stung
To rep the pain, hear that thing pop like a machine gun

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