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Asher Roth – Golden Midas lyrics

[Verse 1: Asher Roth]
Y'all done fucked up now
Y'all sucked the sun out this motherfucker
Looking like one dark cloud
We been off for a while
But we just get to started
Let that feeling rub off right now
I'll say shit out loud, and you aren't really retarded
You just wanna go along with the crowd
It's ok, don't pout - we're not breaking the law
We gonna sort it all out right now
I'm in the mode of you gotta go hard and trust no one
Sleeping on the floor, cause homie, you never know when
You lay low, stay low, and keep firing
Cause you know it's lame as soon as you hear sirens
Move in silence but be all ears
Don't listen to the talk because it's all fear
It's right here, it's thoughts, it's idears
It's off the Mark Walberg dog, it's our year
Let's start the party, Hoorah and ah yeah!
All we need is some mid [?] and malt beers
I be jumping up on chairs
Telling everybody I'm the brand new Paul Revere, like

Only the truth gets spit...

[Verse 2: Boldy James]
All my guns got hairpin triggers
You Spongebob Squarepants, yellow-bellied niggas who square dance
Don't stand a chance against my concrete
You Taliban when them doors slide on that caravan
No more Mr Nice Guy, feel my wrath
Cause nice guys always finish last
Say hello to the bad guy, goodbye
Catch the holy ghost when I get you baptized
And prayed over, it's nap time
Tec 9, hollow tips, bottle cap size
And give you a makeover: flatline
For them 9s, them splits, and them halftimes
Last time you see a bad guy like me
Icy with a mag under my white T
Hook, line, sinker, cast iron
Reppin the [?]

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