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A$AP Ferg – Make A Scene lyrics

[Hook: Maad Moiselle]
Neighborhood is rough
And livin' ain't easy
Streets is so mean
Bout to make a scene

[Verse one: A$Ap Ferg]
Ooooooo come and fuck with the trap lord
In the neighborhood with all my neighbors hood
Come in yo crib & they blast for us
Flowers in your casket
Semi auto tech finna leave a nigga wet, you asked for it
For it tore em bitch came to his crib to allure him
It was all a part of the forum
Fuck that nigga take the stack and the jordans
Give me you wanted the bitch ain’t important
You sayin she fire
The devil is scorching
Say bye to your mama say hi to the coffin
You die from that llama
You live near the lord and...
That why rain pourin'
You want to [?] with me get marvined
You do or die be all in your tourin'
Claim you the shit you get flushed in the toilet
Your crew ain't gon ride when is you comin'
Who is this goon claiming he ballin'
2 ain't ride if you pump in the morning


[Bridge x8]
Ridin' with my top down
Bout to make a scene

[Verse Two]
Flocka blocka like them shottas
Hit yo popa and yo mother
Let yo brother lick the blood up
Talkin shit you get another(motherfucker)
Ready to start the ruckus
Take yo supper
Let the snubba
If you talkin like you tougher motherfucker



Ayo Ferg!
(Come on yo)
Ayo ferg!
Wake up Ferg!
(Wake Up yo wake up!)
Yo wake up!
Ayo Ferg
(Wake the fuck up)
(Wake this nigga up man)
Yo ferg wake up man
(Come on lord, come on)
Yi wake up bro
Yo feeerrrgggggg!!!!

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