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Jailer lyrics

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Asa – Jailer lyrics

Am in chains you're in chains too I wear uniforms, you wear uniforms too Am a prisoner, you're a prisoner too Mr Jailer

I have fears you have fear too I will die, you sef go die too Life is beautiful don't you think so too Mr Jailer

Am talking to you jailer Stop calling me a prisoner Let he who is without sin- Be the first to cast the stone Mr Jailer

You suppress all my strategy You oppress every part of me What you don't know, you're a victim too Mr Jailer

You don't care about my point of view If I die another will work for you So you threat me like a modern slave Mr Jailer

You don't care about my point of view If I die another will work for you So you threat me like a modern slave Mr Jailer

If you walking in a market place Don't throw stones Even if you do you just might hit One of your own Life is not about your policies All the time So you better rearrange your Philosophies and be good to your fellow man jailer

I hear my baby say I wan be president I wan chop money From my government What he don't know Be say Mr Jailer

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    Oh yeah don't get me wrong. I am not under the illusion that he dreesves my forgiveness. He dreesves to have his balls ripped through his nose and worse. However, I have to forgive so I don't keep stewing in my anger. I have to just choose to not let it consume me anymore. Zac brown puts it well, save your strength for things that you can change, forgive the ones you can't. You gotta let it go.
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    There are many things I don't uanerstndd about forgiveness, so if you uanerstndd forgiveness in a situation like this, I commend you. However, I do uanerstndd, very well, learning hard lessons and using them to move on to a better life. I do not mean to imply there is anything you could have done to avoid this nightmare, but I'm certain you will find a valuable personal lesson in this somehow. I'm confident you will emerge an even stronger woman, and the beginning of that is honestly putting this monster behind you. Focusing on healing for yourself and your children which just won't happen if he continues to infiltrate your life. We can't change or control others, we can only manage ourselves. When it comes down to that I strongly believe, the best revenge is living well! Get up, get out and do it! I'm cheering for you.
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    What I make out of the lyric is that we're in some part of our lives found playing the dual role of either being a jailer or the jailed. Its either we're the boss or the bossed. Asa warns against being hypocritical, arrogant, selfish c** seeing ourselves as the demigod when we eventually found ourselves in the corridor of authority cus life is like a parade ground where at the shout of about turn the last takes the lead. "life is not about your policy all the time"
    From judeclark.
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