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Arrested Development – The Gettin' lyrics

Aww yeah...
What I like the brothers and sisters
In the audience to do right about now
Including y'all in the back
I want you to snap your fingers like this...C'mon...C'mon...
Aww, c'mon, I know y'all got rhythm
Everybody snap your fingers like this, every single soul, c'mon...
Aww, what's going on right about here is center staggge
It's about a's what a brotha does when he's gettin' ready for a date, ha ha, yeah
My mom likes to call it "The Gettin'"
She calls it "The Gettin'" because the brotha's gettin' SLICK
Gettin' ready, gettin' snazzy
Gettin' prepared for a dinner, and gettin' prepared for an even mo' betta dessert
You understand what I'm talking about?
I think this sista and brotha know what I'm talking about, check this out

[Singers sing in background]
Gettin' jazzy, Gettin' snazzy
But you probally ain't gettin' it on

[Speech overlaps while singers sing]
Aw yeah, Brotha Man, Brotha Man, Brotha Man thinks he's gonna knock boots tonight
You know what I'm talkin' about?
I think Brotha Man think he's gonna do "The Nasty" tonight, alright?
I think Brotha Man is gonna umm....hit the skins tonight, if you know what I'm talking about
"I said, yo baby, yo baby, yo baby, YO! UH!" Yeah..
Ah, but the sistas ain't down with that type of stuff no mo', you see?
They decided, "Yo! We ain't gotta have materialism type of stuff
We want somethin' mo' than that" AM I RIGHT SISTAS?
[*women cheers*]
Ahh yeah! So you know um...Brotha Man is wearing the most expensive clothes
and those expensive watch and the most expensive Calvin Klein jeans and all those type of thang
But the sistas don't give a dang because a sista's got her own thang goin' on
She wants a real man, know what I'm talkin' about, yeah!
Well, I tried to tell the brotha
I said, "Brotha Man, sistas don't want that type of thang in the Black community anymore
We lookin' for somethin' a little bit deeper..

[Speech joins singers]
Gettin' jazzy, Gettin' snazzy
But you probally ain't gettin' it on

And all the brotha had to really do was to be upset...

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