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Arctic Monkeys – Only Ones Who Know lyrics

In a foreign place, the saving grace was the feeling,
That it was a heart that he was stealing,
Oh he was ready to impress and the fierce excitement,
The eyes are bright he couldn't wait to get away,
I bet the juliet was just the icing on the cake,
Make no mistake no,

And even if somehow we could have shown you the place you wanted,

Well I'm sure you could have made it that bit better on your own,
And I bet she told a million people that she'd stay in touch,
Well all the little promises they don't mean much,
When theres memories to be made,
And I hope you're holding hands by new years eve,
They made it far too easy to believe,
That true romance can't be acheived these days,

And even if somebody could have shown you the place you wanted,
Well I sure you could have made it that bit better on your own,
You are the only ones who know

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    In summary:
    A woman goes away from home because she's restless/discontent with her boyfriend/fiance/husband etc. She meets our main character, the young man who also went on vacation just to get away from stuff at home. The 2 have an affair which at first is just a bonus for the guy but he quickly falls in love with her. However, he sees that she's not in love with him but actually really loves the guy back at home but she doesn't realize it/want to accept it, and that she's probably been having flings with a bunch of guys (& not calling them back) and that he's just one of these guys. He loves her a lot though so hopes she figures out that she loves this guy back at home by New Year's Eve b/c once she does she'll be happy. And the whole "only one's who know" thing refers to how the young man realizes that the whole ordeal b/w the woman & this guy back at home really has nothing to do with the young man and that he's kind of just a blip in the middle of them figuring out their relationship.
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