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Appleton – Everything Eventually lyrics

I wake up in the morning
Pull the blinds and see the sunshine
And I wonder if this Monday
Will wipe the rain of yesterday
Lets go fishing down the river
Lets go fly a kite on primrose hills
Take advantage of the sunshine
There's no telling when the rain comes in
I feel good I feel fine
Kicked the flu last week now I'm alright
Come and meet me on the corner
Just pick me up and we can drive
Now I'm sitting feeling pretty
That's the music on the radio
Feel I'm walking away with running
With my favourite song I'm humming
Da da daaaa
Da da daaaa
Da da daaaa-aah
I walked in to my house
Saw a spider in the bathtub
Then I screamed and then it ran
Cause it was just as scared as I was
Call my mom to tell her I love her
Cause she always has been there for me
See at last I with a family
Thatll love me till eternity
Da da daaaa
Da da daaaa
Da da daaaa-aah
And I glad to be alive
Da da daaaa
Da da daaaa
Da da daaaa-aah
What ever it like out side
Da da daaaa
Da da daaaa
Da da daaaa-aah
I'm just glad to be alive
Da da daaaa
Da da daaaa
Da da daaaa-aah
Dressing up with no effort
With my hair up in a pony tail
My ideas are getting rugged
I'll go buy myself another pen
Got a call from by boyfriend saying hell be here at seven
He said he made a reservation at our local dinning station
As I walked down the street
Puddles socking up my feet
In the water there's reflection
Of the city streets protection
Stand a face me just in case you
Miss the change now to embrace me
Keep on walking holding h

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