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A.O.N. – Money Bag lyrics

"Money Bag" by Angelus of Nex (A.O.N.)


Gotta bag full a money
Bag bag full a cash
I'm on give it to da bank
Day ain't even gotta ask
Gotta bag full a money
Bag bag full a cash

{Verse 1}

I walked up in the bank
They all know me
Always got money
Every time that I leave
Got money everywhere
Got money up my sleeve
Got money all over
From my head to my feet
Everytime I walk
Money's all I talk
I got more green
Than a fuckin beanstalk
I got so much money
I take a bath in it
When it comes to money bitch
I'm in it to win it
Bitch I make money
Just walkin down the road
I got so much money
It gets hard to even tote
So now what I do
With the money that I make
Is put it in a bag
And walk out of the bank


{Verse 2}

Hit me up with a bag full a money for I go
I got so much money up in the bank you don't even know
Normally by now I would be rappin fast as Ceelo
With my rhymes comin so fast it's hard to even hear the flow
But I decided to take it a little slower for this verse
Losin my life or my money bitch I don't know which is worse
I just make money talkin I don't even need to work
Got all these hoes on me cause where there's money they tend to lurk
Got more presidents in my wallet than in history books
Got money all over me so everyone of yall will look
I got so much money now this is the most I've ever had
I walk up in the bank and come out with a full bag


{Verse 3}

This is that shit that attracts all the hoes
So say this shit as your walkin down the fuckin road
But while you say it bitch you need to walk real slow
And get that money in your bag and show em what you fuckin hold
This is the high-rollers anthem that all the playas know
So say this shit as you're walkin down the fuckin road :
"I get dat money"
"I get dat green"
"I get dat skrilla bitch, know what I mean?"
"I get dat money"
"I get dat green"
"I get dat skrilla bitch, know what I mean?"
Now that you've said it, take all the money that you have
Put it in a sack and go out and show off yo money bag


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