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Angeldark – Venom X lyrics

I know it's time to kill the sickness from my soul
My eyes have seen too many things never seen before
I know it's time to feed the viper in my soul
I know it's my turn to take control

Something inside is devouring my rotten core
I feel it clear, soft lips of a whore
Twisting my mind into ashes
Into ashes I fall
Can't bear this suffocation

It is the warmth of the hemlock on virgin skin
- Respire the disease
It is the book where all truth is spoilt
- Crawl into light
It is the lust of illusion
- Ecstasy is yours
It's a worm called mankind
But now I have awoken

Falseness tempting me wherever my way goes
In this baneful sea I am
As the world sleeps down in trance, my vision grows
I still stand sober and cold

The tempest crosses skies, eternal
I hear it's painful call inside of me
The tempest crosses skies, eternal
I hear it's silent cry:
Death to the world!

Oh The air is so cold tonight
It saves me from their white masquerade
I can see them now I know they're afraid, yes
And the poisonous seed still tries to swallow my soul
But I'm not weak anymore

Defy them Crystal Mind
You're not one of them
Tellurian sight Cursed one

Carving a hole in my spirit
Gliding unseen like a spider in black
It pours my blood as I struggle for some air to breathe
To breathe this choking sulphur

It is the pyre that lights the blind's way
- Dance in the flames
It is the garden in bloom where lovers die
- Caress the blade
It is the parasite
- Let senses fly
But I'm out of it's reach
It's antidote I am

The tempest crosses skies, eternal
I hear it's painful call inside of me
The tempest crosses skies, eternal
I'll be it's silent cry:
Death to the world!

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