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Just at the top of this hill
Awaits happiness you
Can find it if you climb it
I'm sure of it

Meet him at the corner
With your sorrow drop it
At his feet wake up find
Joy tomorrow

If you're lookin for secur-
Ity cross the bridge
Ahead of ya take a right
Through the town

Keep your head down
Can't afford to be
Distracted you're on a

Stay clear of the glorious
Opposition listen this
Advice we speak is not
New age it's scriptural
An integral part of our
Belief historical accounts
Deemed crazy but the
Freedom I've found hap-
Pens to amaze me

Welcome to the revolu-
Tion it's time for the
Weak to find retribution
Time for the lost to find
Their home time for
Believers to speak into
The microphone and we sing

Hold on hold on hold on
Hold on

You and i can make it
Through this

Hold on hold on hold on
Hold on

Hold on tight don't lose
Your grip

Hold on hold on hold on
Hold on

You and i can make it
Through this

Hold on hold on hold on
Hold on

We will survive

Are you ready for the
Supernatural cameo
Comin stereo swing
Super duper flow high to
Low hit this track again
Mexican caucasian
African american every-
Body movin from
Bangkok to the nether-
Lands all around it's
Evident god give us
Strength again, he gives
Us strength and if you
Don't like the funk take a
Soul vitamin if you don't
Know this love invite it in why

Cause we're bringin old
Ideas that ya might not
Dig about a selfless love
For a selfish kid and i kid
Not open up take a sip
From the cup tell me do
You like whatcha see

Welcome to the invita-
Tion time for the weak to
Break domination time
For lost to find their
Home time for believers
To speak into the micro-
Phone and we sing.

So you think you've got it
All figured out no doubt
It's about you getting
Through no matter what
You've gotta do who
You've gotta hurt rub
Face in the dirt stab in
The back attack and rip
Em up like that now you
Ask yourself what's the
Question I'm addressin
Why's it pressin my
Chest in and I'm headin
Right back to the ones
Who know but don't
Show who plant but
Don't grow.

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