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Amanda Palmer – The New Game lyrics

Now we're going to play a game
That's lots of lots of fun
I learned it from my auntie
Who learned it from my uncle
My uncle has a secret job
In washington dc
Something fancy
With the government
I hear he knows the president
First you line up in a row
And count "eeny miney moe"
There are guards
And there are prisoners
And this is how it goes

(key change!)

1, 2, 3
You are free
And the rest must come with me
Who are you
Are you a witch
No you are a terrorist
If you think that you aren't
You can tell us who you are
But if you are not on the list
Then you are a terrorist

And the terrorists get totured
Even if no proff exists
Because we can't take any risks
And the terrorists get ordered
To get back in line
So we can play the game a second time

If you're just a pacifist of some kind of activist
Then you are a terrorist
Why it says so on the list
If you're a writer or artist
Or a lover facticist
Then you are a terrorist
'cause it says so on the list
And the terrorists get tortured
Whether or not they want to play
Because they're guilty anyway
And the terrorists get murdered
Unless the terrorists insists he is not a terrorist
But we can't find you on the list
Are you a doctor or a priest
I'm a right-wing journalist
So you are a terrorist

If you're a fat capitalist
Or a neo-nazi facist
We can find you on the list
And you're not a terrorists

Isn't this an easy game
Anyone can play it
People of all ages
Genders, creeds,[?] and races
Play it with a couple or a giant group
Entire continents can play
The rules don't change they stay the same

But once the game is done
And someone's won
There is a variation that is almost just as fun

1, 2, 3
Come with me
And the terrorists are free
If you lose and get left over
Then you are a sympathizer
If you are a singer-songwriter
Or a union-organizer
Bet your bottom-dollar
You will be a sympathizer
And the sympathizers must be punished
Even worse than terrorists
As an example for the kids
Sympathizers must be banished
So to find out which is which we must refer back to the list
If you're a church administrator or a corporate stockholder
Or a nuclear arms maker you are not a sympathizer
If you're not a sympathizer
Be a terrorist, okay
You have to be one or the other
Or we have no game to play!

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