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Al'tariq – Do You Thang lyrics

Hahhh! Here I am, here I be
Hah, the great Al' T
G. C., God Connection, bust it, bust it
Wooo! That's how we do
I'm makin moves, cause you know who's
All you shorties - all you shorties
Yeah, drop 'em, drop 'em

[Al' Tariq]
The bottom line - Tariq got plenty for the masses and many
Be bangin 'em all, that's just the skinny
Get 'em sprung with the tongue or strung with the dick
(That's my shit) straight up and down, I give 'em fits
I be legit and won't quit, the hon c** in buckets
fuck it, I'm spankin that ass, you know you love the way I struck it
I strike it, don't mind if you dyke it (look, look)
Bring all yo' friends I loves extra skins
I got the ends, whatever treat hoes like they queens and
queens like they tramps I rupture the spleens and
puncture the liver be up in the gut, what what?
I'm splashin backsides with my nut, hut hut
I deliever, gall-ins of semen
Schemin, dreamin of ways to keep 'em screamin
Fiendin for Al' 'Riq, to drink 'em down like Tang
Word is bond hon, do yo' thang

I said right about now do yo' thang
(Break 'em off hon, no pain no gain)
I said right about now do yo' thang
(Break 'em off shorty wop no pain no gain)
C'mon right about now do yo' thang
(Break 'em off what? No pain no gain)
C'mon right about now do yo' thang
(Break 'em off shorty wop no pain no gain)

[Al' Tariq]
Look, look - outrageous nights I lights up the heavens
niggaz fakin shit get ass with these elevens
Sevenies on my baby woo! Take 'em off

When I get to lickin shit she can't shake me off
Just break me off, somethin hot show-stopper

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