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Someone's Always Saying Goodbye lyrics

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Allona – Someone's Always Saying Goodbye lyrics

Why do people fall in love
And they end up crying
Why do lovers walk away from themselves
When their hearts are breaking
Why does loving sometimes never stay long
Why does kissing this time
Mean you'll be gone
Why does gladness become sadness
Things that I don't get

Someone's always saying goodbye
I believe it hurts when we cry
Don't we know partings never so easy
And with all the achings inside
I believe some hearts won't survive
Trying hard to pretend
That we're gonna be fine

I could never really love
Someone else but you
I have never wanted anything else
But a love so true
But just like a dream
That comes in the night
In the morning you were out of my sight
Turned away from me
Sadly as I see
Away from where I stand

Someone's always saying goodbye
I believe it hurts when we cry
Don't we know partings never so easy
And with all the achings inside
I believe some hearts won't survive
Trying hard to pretend
That we're gonna be fine

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  • m
    We just have to let go of sum1 who matter to us. Not because we have to but it is d right thing to do. Let us remember that we can push anyone to love us, we can't beg someone to stay, when she/he wants to leave and be with someone else. This is love is all about, however, the end of love is not the end of life. It should be the beginning of understanding that love live for a reason but end with a lesson.
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  • s
    Love always has its funny way of letting us realize who is the right one for us. Its really hard to let go of someone when you loved them so dearly, option is either to accept it or fight for it. When you accept it, it will take so long before you could recover. If you fight for it, there's a possibility that you two will stay together. You really don't have to accept the break'up. You can fight for it. Fight with honesty. Who knows.
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  • l
    For me it means that there is no permanent in this world. Everything is uncertain, you can never tell what will happen. What we should do is to enjoy every minute that we have with someone we love. Goodbye is the hardest part in any relationship but you have to face it. Accept and move on. In loving someone you should know when to stop especially if it is for the best for both of you.
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  • e
    Its really hard to say goodbye sa taong minahal mo ng sobra, lalo na pag araw2x mo xang nkikita. Ang hirap. Sbi nila, don't give your 100% pag ngmahal ka, but the fact is hindi mo mamamalayan na naiibibigay mo n pla lahat, tapos bigla nyang tatapusin lhat dhil lang d ka nya mbigyan ng tym. Masakit kc willing mo naman iaccept lhat. And masakit din kc sa tuwing mkikita ko xa parang walang nangyari, na ok lang lhat sa kanya. Haizzzt. How can I move on? Until now umaasa pa rin ako na maayos yung sa amin.
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  • winsomejewel
    I found this song so interesting. For me, the song proves something regarding goodbyes. Painful facts, yet true: in a way that nothing stay when things don't go right. I love this song. I would then dedicate this to my beloved: gavid sy go. Whom I lost. I was truly inlove wd him when I found out he can't stay forever. For some reasons ofcourse. However. I wish him to come back when things go back to their ryt places.
    I keep on saying, goodbyes are always part of the scenario. Since I can never stop anyone from saying goodbye, I would rather say.
    Good bye. I will always treasure the moments when I was still with you. And when you still belong to me.
    I love you always.='(
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