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Sat Sufferin
I knew him when
Fair weather friends of mine

Try not to think
I merely blink
Hope to wish away the lies... lies Can you protect me
When I'm a wrecked
I pretend you're still alive

(2x... oooo... denied... all... and tied all the lies...)

I choose to day
One deepen grave
Thick fog that hide our smiles

Clear all your sins
Get born again
Just repeat a couple lies

(Oooo... denied... all... and tied all the lies...)

Can you protect me
When I'm a wrecked
I pretend your still alive

I choose to day
One deepen grave, thick fog that hide our smiles

Sat Suffferin
(Oooo... denied... all... and tied all the lies)
Get born again
(Oooo... denied... all... and tied all the lies)
Sat Sufferin
(Oooo... denied... all... and tied all the lies)
Get born again
(Oooo... denied... all... and tied all the lies)
Sat Sufferin
(Oooo... denied... all... and tied all the lies)
Get born again
(Oooo... denied... all... and tied all the lies)
Sat Sufferin
(Oooo... denied... all... and tied all the lies)

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  • U
    UnregisteredJan 1, 2014 at 11:09 am
    This song is alright definitely not a favorite but good nonetheless , it would be better if they took out that terrible backing vocals at the end, it just drowns the song in shame guess Cantrell was not interested in doing a guitar solo lol, on a side note i hope no decent fan plans to see Get born again (the movie) it was written by the SAME BITCH who wrote that falsified rolling stone article about lanye and two books , even lanyes sister said rubio didn't even talk to Lanye, goes to show rolling stone's credibility at hiring bullshit journalists, i guess she talked to herself maybe she's the one who pissed and shit herself i dunno , all i know is lanye would not talk about himself like that or his band mates so please do not see this stupid movie unless u have no brains then by all means see it adriano rubio would be laughing to the bank due to ur stupidity.
  • r
    Robert DowlingFeb 19, 2014 at 3:08 pm
    This song is about two main themes in Layne's life: His father who left him early in life and then came back into his life after he was famous. The reference of get born again is that his dad, who was a hypocrite, found religion toward the end of Layne's life and he found it to be complete hypocrisy, note the lines "Get Born Again, just repeat a couple lies". The "sad suffering and knew him when" refers to Layne's suffering about his father never being there and then he shows up does drugs with him and then gets sober, after using Layne, once again. Total Douche.
  • t
    TellYaSoApr 24, 2011 at 5:39 am
    Seems like they're definitely saying there was no such thing as the physical resurrection (of Jesus Christ), that people believe in it due to a sad psychological need to be rescued from the wreckage of their life. Saddest line..."I pretend you're still alive" (!)

    Christ is their "fair weather friend" who is now obviously dead, but whom the song's main character ironically continues to believe in out of an inner need for "protection." ("Can you protect me when I'm wrecked," he states, exposing the believer's motivation, but the person he's supposedly asking for protection is dead.)

    Most chilling line: "Clear all your sins, Get born again...just repeat a couple lies..."

    A clear reference to the evangelical movement saying that you will be saved by merely believing and repeating the words of a "Sinner's Prayer" asking Christ to forgive you for your sins, stating that you believe he is Lord and/or rose from the dead, and accepting him into your heart. The song is a very sad/cutting repudiation of the causes and consequences of wishful religious thinking.

    As the early christian writer Paul said, "If there is no resurrection, then of all men we are most to be pitied." This song, which holds a very different worldview from Christianity, takes that statement to be true. (As in, there is in fact no resurrection, and believers are sadly deluded and to be pitied for their psychological need for reassurance).

    Ultimate reading that I take from this song: I think they are implying,
    "Sorry that your teddy bear is dead...You're on your own, kiddo." Ouch.

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