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Alexander Webb – Mission Statement lyrics

I bet you've never tasted broken-hearted,
Or wrestled with the pain of letting go.
And all your freedom of not needing anybody
Comes at the cost of being alone.

So I'll get so close it hurts me, and risk it all again.
'Coz the hope of love will find me
And be enough to start it all again.

So you spend your days just keeping at a distance
'Coz all the miles and miles will save you from the burn.
But to love someone opened arms,
And pure hearted love, is what a heart that cold could never learn.

So I'll get so close it hurts me, and risk it all again.
'Coz the hope of love will find me
And show me the way to forget.

'Coz to deserve a favour is not to saviour what love is all about,
So get yourself out of the way.

And don't go saying meet me in the middle,
You know, grace, it doesn't have to compromise.
'Coz love says you don't have to lift a finger.
No, I'm right where you are, and I'll never leave your side.

So I'll get so close it hurts me, and risk it all again.
'Coz to love, that's all what you'll need.
It's changing everything there is.

So please don't call it love if it's just a feeling.
Just coincidence, the alignment of your needs.
In a world of broken hearts and people leaving,
Love is such a strange disease.

'Coz he came and showed us all the worst remaining,
And all we could do was nail him to a tree.
But through it all, oh we just kept praying
That his love would find a way to you and me.

Yeah, he got so close it killed him,
And he'd do it all again.
For the hope that love might find us,
And change all the reasons that we live.

And for the chance that we might be with him.

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