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Alex Spore – In There lyrics

What's goin on in there?
Do we have to come in and clean up after you?
What's goin on in there?
We'll give you 3 more minuets then let's move.

This don't feel right,
But how you make it all ok tonight and,
It's crazy how you and me,
Know exactly what the other sees.
One minuet you're on top,
Next thing you're down below me,
Oh your hands are getting so much closer,
No I ain't complainin girl.

What's goin on in there?
We'll come in we'll embarass you.
What's goin on in there?
Just tell me what you're doin.

Now I guess if I told ya'll that we were just talkin,
You wouldn't believe me for a second now would you.
She turned the lights out again,
I got to go, i'll talk to you when I'm done.

What's goin on in there?
I don't think we should leave you two alone no more.
What's goin on in there?
You're gonna burn the freakin house down.

Now my love it's just you and me,
We lay intwinded we share this moment.
Oh girl just kiss me,
Don't worry bout what tomorrow brings.
We'll stay in this room for a while,
And hope that no one else sees,
What we're doin in here,
And how you fit so perfectly.

What's goin on in there?
I've had enough of this shit.
What's goin on in there?
Unlock the door and get the hell out.

Do you mind it if I just touch you, oh my.
Now please girl just kiss me, I see you smilin,
Cause it feels,
So right,
All Right,
Right there,
Realize realize,
What I want,
What you want,
Is what I want,
Yeah in there.

Sing it now,
It's gettin hot in here,
You know it's cooler with the shirts off, Oh!
Just give me 3 fingers,
And i'll have the hook behind you undone.
What would Jesus do?
The same thing, I swear, if he were me and you.

Cause it feels,
So right,
All right,
Right there,
Realize, Realize,
What I want,
What you want,
Is what I want,
Yeah in there.
Just like In there
In there (x3)

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