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Life is meaningless without you
Love can be such a beautiful torture
My heart breaks as I long for you
Love can be such lovely torture

I will climb the hills, draw my sword and take down
Anyone who tries to stand in front of me
Please know I'll never run away without you in my arms
One day lovers will dream of this undying kiss
Not of Romeo or Juliet
Stories told of our love will never die

I've slain the most unholy things, endured such terrific pain
Finally I'll feel your caress again
I've braved the cold and lonely seas, I have prevailed against the odds
Then again...

I will climb the hills, draw my sword and take down
Anyone who tries to stand in front of me
Please know I'll never run away without you in my arms
One day lovers will dream of this undying kiss
Not of Romeo or Juliet
Stories told our love will never die

Will you forgive what I've done to give you four white horses?

One day lovers will dream of this undying kiss
Not of Romeo or Juliet
Stories told our love will never die

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    rustskyNov 11, 2008 at 7:17 am
    In a Renaissance-era fairy-tale world, a beautiful woman named Buttercup lives on a farm in the fictional country of Florin. She delights in verbally abusing the farm hand Westley by demanding that he perform chores for her. Westley's only answer is "As you wish", which represents his great affection for her. After Buttercup realizes the true meaning of the words, as well as the fact that she returns his love, Westley leaves to seek his fortune so they can marry. Buttercup later receives word that his ship was attacked at sea by the Dread Pirate Roberts, who is notorious for killing all those whose vessels he boards. Believing Westley to be dead, Buttercup reluctantly is engaged to marry Prince Humperdinck, the heir to the throne of Florin.

    Before the wedding, Buttercup is kidnapped by a trio of outlaws: the Sicilian criminal genius Vizzini, the Spanish fencing master Íñigo Montoya, and the enormous and mighty Turkish wrestler Fezzik. A masked man in black follows them across the sea and up the Cliffs of Insanity, whereupon Vizzini orders Íñigo to stop him. Íñigo arranges a fair fight, allowing his opponent to rest before the duel, during which Íñigo reveals that he is seeking revenge on a six-fingered man who killed his father. The man in black wins their duel, but leaves the Spaniard alive. Vizzini, stunned, orders Fezzik to kill the man in black. Fezzik, moved by his conscience throws a rock as a warning, and challenges the man in black to a wrestling match. The man in black then chokes Fezzik until the giant blacks out. The man in black catches up with Vizzini, who is holding Buttercup hostage, and proposes a battle of wits. Vizzini is tricked into drinking poison and dies.

    With Prince Humperdinck's rescue party in hot pursuit, the man in black flees with Buttercup, and reveals that he is the Dread Pirate Roberts, Westley's murderer. Enraged, she shoves him into a gorge, yelling "You can die, too, for all I care!" only to hear him call, "As you wish!". while he is falling. She realizes at this that he is Westley, who tells her that the Dread Pirate Roberts did attack his ship, but kept Westley alive after Westley explained the depths of his love for Buttercup. Westley became the Dread Pirate Robert's apprentice, learning to sail, fence, and fight. Eventually, Roberts secretly passed his name, captaincy, and ship to Westley. Westley and Buttercup travel through the feared Fire Swamp to evade Humperdinck's party, but upon exiting, they are captured by Humperdinck and his menacing six-fingered assistant, Count Tyrone Rugen. Buttercup negotiates for Westley's release and returns with Humperdinck to the palace to await their wedding. Rugen, who has no intention of releasing Westley, instead takes him to the underground hunting arena called the 'Zoo of Death', where he is tortured so as to provide information by which to complete the Count's book on pain.

    Buttercup later has several nightmares regarding her marriage to the prince. She expresses her unhappiness to Humperdinck, who proposes a deal wherein he will send out four ships to locate Westley, but if they fail to find him, Buttercup will marry him. Humperdinck reveals that although he arranged Buttercup's kidnapping in order to start a war with neighboring country of Guilder, it will be better propaganda if she dies on her wedding night.

    On the day of the wedding, Íñigo meets Fezzik, who tells him that Count Rugen is the killer of Íñigo's father. They seek out the man in black, hoping that his wits will help them overcome the guards. Buttercup learns that Humperdinck never sent the ships, and taunts him with her enduring love for Westley. Enraged, he tortures Westley to death. Westley's screams draw Íñigo and Fezzik to the scene; upon finding Westley's body, they enlist the help of the King of Florin's former "miracle man", a magician named Miracle Max. Max pronounces Westley to be merely "mostly dead" and resurrects him, although Westley remains partially paralyzed.

    Westley devises a successful plan to invade the castle during the wedding; the resulting commotion prompts Humperdinck to cut the wedding short. Buttercup decides to commit suicide as soon as she reaches the honeymoon suite. Íñigo pursues Rugen through the castle and kills him, reciting throughout the duel his long-rehearsed oath of vengeance. Westley reaches Buttercup before she commits suicide and assures her that she is not yet married as the ceremony had not been completed. Still partly paralyzed, he bluffs his way out of a sword fight with Humperdinck. Instead of killing his rival, Westley decides to leave him alone with his cowardice. The party rides off into the sunset on white horses conveniently discovered by Fezzik. They are pursued by Humperdinck's men, and their fate remains unknown. At one point, it is stated that Westley relapsed into a coma, whereupon the party scattered, though nothing more is indicated.
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    aLeSaNa-FrEaKOct 3, 2008 at 6:01 pm
    He's in love with this girl and can't see her so he tells how much he cares for her and how much he loves her.

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