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Albano & Romina Power – We'll Live It All Again lyrics

I remember your face
When the first time we kissed
How you stardet to blush
What you said
When you touched my hand
And the drives to the beach
With the sand on my feet
What we drew on the shore
It's as it were yesterda.

Mi ricordo quei giorni
Fino all'alba l'amore
Le tue bambole antiche
Sorridevano insiame a te
E I tuoi corti vestiti
Come prati fioriti
Che distesi nel vento
Mi ridavano la liberа.

I'd live it all again.
Anch'io lo rivivrei
Anch'io lo rivivrei.
We'll live it all again.

Whe we had our first babe
How we found her new games
How she smiled when she saw me
And the first time she called you dad
All the good times we had
Although some they were bad
Through the laughter and pain
But the feeling was always there.

Mi ricordo quei tempi
Quante giuste canzoni
Quante maschere in giro
E tu sola vicino a me
Solitudine in due
E cent'anni son pochi
Se vivessi di nuovo
Io ti sempre risceglierei.

I'd live it all again...

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