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Al Kooper – Brand New Day lyrics

Last night I had a dream that the world
Was changing by leaps and bounds
It started up in the bigger cities
Than it spread to the smaller towns

The people began to smile at people
That they’d never even seen
And when Jeremiah woke me up
I was ready to live that dream

Well, it’s a brand new day
Brand new way, brand new day
Give it to me, alright

You know the mother called the father on the telephone
She cried, "My God I’m so upset"
She said the boy left home naked this morning
All he took was the TV set

Than the sister picked up the extension
And she said, “He’s just doing his thing”
Than the father hung up on the mother
And the children began to sing

Well, it’s a brand new day, yes
A brand new way, brand new day

We gotta put our heads together
And see where we go from there
We gotta fight for what we believe in
'Cause there’s something in the air

And it’s a brand new day, that's right
Brand new way, brand new day
I can feel it growing stronger every minute now

Twenty million shadows storming at the gates
Now how can you be surprised?
With the image of the fallen four reflected in their eyes

And though twenty million tongues are shouting now
It's only heard by a precious few
But the years of night will pass forever
When the sun comes shining through

On a brand new day
Brand new way, yes, a brand new day

Hey people, you know that it's a brand new day
Brand new way, brand new way you're walking
Brand new day, yes, a brand new way
Go ahead now

And it's alright, yes, it's alright
And it's alright now, it's alright
And it's alright, yes, it's alright
And it's alright

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