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Aerosmith – Love Three Times A Day lyrics

Hello! Hello! Hello! Come on, come on, come over
Hello! Hello! Hello! Until the storm blows over

Love three times a day
Love your life away
Love three times a day
And get yourself back into the jam

Love three times a day
Ain't no other way
It's in your dna
Let everybody know who you am

Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!
Nice of you to stop over
Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!
Before you do, roll over

Love three times a day
Lock yourself away
Hate is so passй
And get yourself back into the jam

Love three times a day
Is no naivetй
It's in your dna
And tell 'em that you came with the band

It's the same-ol'-same-ol'
Put it in the tane?
If you really need a lover
Honey, call my name
You can lose your mind
Looking for a girl
Like you're lookin' for a diamond
In a rhinestone world
There's-a one kinda lover
That is just my style
That's a downtown lady
With an uptown smile
Top hat clothes, kissin' lipstick girls
Chasin’ high-class lows with a seсorita’s pearls(?)

(Guitar solo)

Love three times a day
Lock yourself away
Love three times a day
And get yourself back into the jam
Love three times a day
Ain’t no other way
A? Matinee
It’s time that you be takin’ a stand

You’ll never know another lover
In the whole wide world
Who can love you like a lover
Ya, with this kinda love
Now, the way in which she loved ya
Like nobody else could
And the way that she been lovin’
Everybody understood
Too heavy heed?
When you ain’t got none
You’ll be gettin outta jail
We’re gonna all have fun
Where’s your game face, baby?
Don’t ya look so sad
I’m the best damn lover
That you ever, ever had

Love three times a day!

I’m a cashier(?) lover
I’m the cat’s meow
I ain’t never gonna stop
I never know how

You said you done it in a minute
In too few years
You don’t wanna get jealous
Someone else’s tears

Love three times a day

If you get s** on a hot tin roof
You’ll be higher than a child of a million proof
It’s the same-ol’-same-ol’
Puttin in the thing
If you really need a lover,
Honey, call... My... Ugh

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