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Adele – Melt My Heart To Stone lyrics

Right under my feet
There's air
Made of bricks
Pulls me down
Turns me weak
For you
I find myself
Repeating like
A broken tune
And I'm forever
Your intentions
And I give in
To my pretendings
Which forgive you
Each time
Without me knowing
They melt my heart
To stone

And I hear your words
That I made up
You say my name
Like there could be an us
I best tidy up my head
I'm the only one in love
I'm the only one in love

Each and every time
I turn around to leave
I feel my heart
Begin to burst
And bleed
So desperately
I try to link it
With my head
But instead
I fall back
To my knees
As you tear your way
Right through me
I forgive you
Once again
Without me knowing
You've burnt
My heart to stone


Why do you
Steal my hand
I'm standing
My own ground
You build me up
Then leave me dead



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Submitted byrafaelmoliv

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    America wake up we finally have a talented person adele please go out and bye her album its so goood I'm so addicted 2 her album that I don't even listen 2 my radio I didn't even know beyonces album caame out last week or was it? I love beyonce though but that adele cd is poppin 4real cop dat aand radio station power 99, 100. 3 the beat, Q 102, wired 96. 5 please play adeles song melt my heart to stone america will love it its my request I will have much love 4 you forever if you play her songs. Thanx april. Hollla.
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    I luuuv this song I'm so mad at the phillly radio stations 4 not playing her songs they should be ashamed of theirselves all they play is r&b and hiphop we can't listen 2 that our whole life they all talk about the same thing but adele. Adele talks about real life issues her music is touching 2 me and I'm only 16 she should have an award from every american award show best album, songs ect.
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    When you love someone so much it hurts and they just can't reciprocate. You want to them to care and love but you just can't make them no matter what you do. And everytime they have their excuses that no matter how lame they sound to you ur heart forces you to blv them because you want to blv that they actually like you back. The alternative is just too painful to deal with. Worst part is there is nth you can do bcz once he as much as say hi the sound of his voice makes you forget all the pain he's caused. You know its sad but you just can't stop. Sigh.
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    It is actually a really sad song she is saying that even though she knows that she and him will never be together she imagines him saying her name like there could be couple out of the two of them. She knows that he is making her cold and not be able to feel anymore but she still goes back to him out of a habit that is very unhealthy. She forgives him even after everything he has done to her. I have done this before and it hurts and I know now that it was a mistake to ever like him or date him because he was bad for me. Like fire and ice, it just does not work.
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    My meaning to melt my heart to stone is when you love someone so much that you can gaze into there eyes all night and have a romantic night with someone, but then they always end up letting you down in the end. Kinda like that built you up and told you that loved you and needed you, and promised you guys would live happily together, which melts your heart, but then an hour later you see him flirting with another woman, now your heart is bruised and it's melted to stone.
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