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Adam Sandler – Best Friend lyrics

When I'm at the bus stop and you drive by in your mom's car
You tell me the bus already left
Cause you're my best friend!
When I'm at the locker and my shirt's buttoned wrong
You tell me to fix it
Cause you're my best friend
Best friends tell you you got boogers on your nose
Best friends don't laugh when you wear your grandpa's clothes
You're my best friend!
When those guys ripped up my ticket for the Mariah Carey show
You told me it wasn't that great
Cause you're my best friend (You're my best friend!)
When those guys gave me the wrong directions to Mark Hagen's party
You told me it wasn't that great
Cause you're my best friend! (You're my best friend!)
Best friends tell you when you got Cheetos in your teeth
Best friends don't ring your doorbell then punch you in the chest
You're my best friend!
(Best friends!) don't call you Pit Stains or Marphy
(Best friends!) Way back when you waved hello!
(Best friends!) Don't hold their nose and point at you
(Best friends!) Help you find your hat
Oh, you're not just a friend
You're my best friend
(Take it!)
When those mean girls stole my pants and tied me to the front gate of the school
You told the teacher I was out there
Why? Cause you're my best friend! (You're my best friend!)
When Mr. Koocher's dog ran at me and bit me in the stomach
You were playing football so you couldn't help but I know you would've
Cause you're my best friend (You're my best friend!)
(Best friends!) Don't kneel behind you while the other guys push you
(Best friends!) Don't step on your sandwiches!
(Best friends!) Help you out of the caf. Garbage can
(Best friends!) Don't tell you that Tracy Garner wants to dance with you
Oh, you're not just a friend... You're my best friend!
Oh, you're not just a friend! You're my best... Friend!
Call me back!

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