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Action Bronson – Morey Boogie Boards lyrics

I got the mental of the bad lieutenant
We gamble drug money, river boats, Cadillacs
Talkin' 'bout a prison know
Lemons as the subtle in the fish they call it cuddle
We grew up in the gutta, breaking jaws just like a huddle.
Morey boogie boards wax the top so we stay on
Wrist wrap is pitch black, three sixty shades on
I won’t stop until the walls got Monet's drawn
The farm land another animals to graze on
I’m always smoking on the potent straight from Oakland
I’m rising like a souffle, you know you gotta serve it quick
Just dust me over cheese pussy straight from Persia bitch
They’ll find ya lake in Maine, you taught so well their Jersey snitch
I’ll rock the lenses Cam and Nitty wore,
I roll a fifty of the dowa to the neck and take a city tour
And this shine I got the salsa and the gritty raw,
Timeless, my mother’s diamonds 1954.

2 x Hook:
I gotta get that dough, I want to beamer with the racing seats
Pound the ground with my feet to make the pavement speak
And tell me secrets that she’s never told a soul to.
The price of living your decisions could control you.

Yea, Brasilino. Queens. Real shit, Queens.

I sign my name like a mantel never stickin to the script
Be like people off the boat, seven languages of shit
Big tradition to the street, get you lifted off your feet
Like my daughter at the pub, no taking orders after dark
Cause they expect it, so wake up early, hop off the shitter
Employ a lawyer, that's been barmitzvah'd
Never trust a goyim seen me sippin' sprita, hookers with spinta
And mister wedge, 30 dollar hollas never tip her
This conversation that be building in the weed jar is bothersome
Half of my leg covered with robinsons,
The firm gully in this dutch, me and Steel smoking
Cheerleaders, pretty bitches gettin' peeled open

[2 x Hook:]

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