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A Static Lullaby – The Turn lyrics

The scene is a slaughter
Another young female cadaver
The boys tapped up the scene
This couldn't be imagined in your darkest dreams

Sgt., this job's not cut out for me
My daughter just turned eighteen
I must keep her form this beast
Must keep her from

Slow down boy
Your monster is still on the streets
And yet we don't have shit but these bloody limbs

This curse is all of me
They might think that daddy had his way with me
Or mother never said I love you

My father is a scholar
And my mother is a saint
The truth is
Forever came crashing when I said I do

Your girl is safe with me
Bound and bleeding the way they all should be
And all I've heard is daddy save me please

Confess to the father
This blood on your hands will burn your soul
You've lost control

The moment you cut her
You look to the sky with eyes half closed
I'm letting go.

I'll kill you, you bastard
Don't touch a hair on my daughter
I'll find out where you sleep
You think your sick
I'll show you fucking beast

The church is where we meet
Twenty flat or she'll die you see
Your only chance is to stop this bleeding disease

Mom should've aborted me
And so my dear your end is finally near
It's a shame you have her blonde hair

Confess to the father
This blood on you hands will burn your soul
You've lost control

The moment you cut her
You look to the sky with eyes half closed
You let him go

You've poisoned me brother
The thoughts that we think have made us whole
Now I'm letting go

Requiem of the fallen dove and the murderous twin
Funeral hymn
Sings detective the killers within

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