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A Pink – Promise U lyrics

[Namjoo] Nuneul gamada ddeumyeon meoreojyeoigeo
Dashi gamada ddeumyeon boijil anha
[Hayeong] Oneuldo neoreul geurida tto haruga gireojyeo

[Naeun] Ijen eodiseo neol bol su inni nan
Oneuldeo ireoke neoman chaneundae


[Bomi] Nuneul gamado ip naegasaeeo niga nawaseo
Nal bichuneun jeo dalbicce bulleodo bogo
[EunJi] Heulleo naoneun nae ireume dashi nunmuri heulleo
Doraonda yaksokhaejanha isonggarak geolgo

[All] Ralla rara rara rarira rara rara
Ralla rara rara rarira rara rara

[Hayeong] Changmureul dudurineun hayan dalbicchi
Neo eobshineun bin jjarie saeeodeureowa
[Chorong] Oneuldo neoreul geurida tto saebyeogi chajawa

[EunJi] Kkaman kkaman kkaman
[Namjoo] Neon ajikdo gyeote inneun geot gateunde

[Repeat the Chorus]

[Namjoo] Ireoke nan niga geuriwo~
Yeojeonhi nal yeojeonhi neol

[Repeat the Chorus]

[All] Ralla rara rara rarira rara rara
Ralla rara rara rarira rara rara

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