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9Th Prince
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9Th Prince

Kill Or Be Killed lyrics

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9Th Prince – Kill Or Be Killed lyrics

(feat. P.R. Terrorist)

[Intro: P.R. Terrorist]
Revenge of the Iron Fingers
9th Prince, Terrorist shit, nigga
Check it yo yeah yo yeah yo yo

[Chorus x2: P.R. Terrorist]
We keep it real, hold steel, grab ya sword and ya shield
Terrorist and 9th Prince it's either kill or be killed

[9th Prince]
Yo we train snatchers, capture fifty-seven passengers
It's the last chapter, the underworld scavengers
Thuggish dark shadows, stick and move like Apollo
Mass test the acid they swallow, born to be street desperados
Like Castalano, these niggaz is wicked like the witches of Eastwick
Dirty referee sick shit, kill or be killed is the topic
Then I'll be a serial killer, hidden murder scriptures
For the armageddon mafia, Stapleton shell shockers
Saddam and Terrorist, we tag teams like the midnight rockers
Put you in a wrestling move, kill ya crew
9th Prince is raveshing like Rick Ru'
I attack the Billboard like Hurricane George (yeah)
Niggaz is microphone frauds (yo)
The death wish: kill the rest of the foreign lords
(yo yo yo)

[Chorus x2]

[P.R. Terrorist]
High street vocalist, get a toke on this
Try and wrestle with the bulk of this, you just provokin' this
Terrorist when pissed is like The Exorcist
Make you slit ya wrist, choose ya death wish, let me insist
In the procedure, the only language is thru ya speaker
My tongue is fire, breath is the flame, lyrics are ether
Build boy, heat seeker, blow the shit out ya tweeter
In the lab constructin' rhymes to put ya ass in the sleeper
Grab my millimeter, call me a cheater, ya easy bleeder
Terrorist and 9th Prince is the underground leaders
Lyrics for days, splittin' my current seven ways
Rest in the PJ's, countin' my grays, I'm goin craz'
I pulled the budget, these record execs is fuckin' sufferin'
Give me a couple mil' by the year 2G just off my publishin'
Records are bubblin', my team is strugglin'
Don't forget, kill or be killed, the album comin'

[9th Prince]
Yo revelation nation, kill on occasion, sick of patience
My visions is diabolical like Wes Craven
Genetic verses, streets is cursed
Tales of terror in ya area, twenty million miles to Earth
Genocide a century, Apocalypse peniteniary
Computer convicts, the final conflict
9th Prince is too intelligent to speak ebonics
Shocky, but brain waves electronic
Microphone addiction, philosophy crusifiction
Prince Saddam crusified all competition
He moves like a swordsman on a horse
Bloody verses leave blood stains of Verbal Intercourse
Floss, like diamonds all up in the cross
The title is kill or be killed and you just fuckin' lost

[Chorus x4]

[Outro: P.R. Terrorist]
That's the laws, yeah..
Terrorist and 9th Prince, check the sequence
Y'all niggaz must be dense
There ain't no defence for this offence
Tryin' to pay the rent, nigga

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