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311 – Can't Fade Me lyrics

We bust the sound
The kids all gather round

And what's comin' from their radios
They all turn down

The creativeness
We are scientists

Move 'em with soul
Move 'em with this

When the bass kicks
We get intimate

With the music and the people
Yeah they're into it

Takin' off cruisin' through the air

The sound is aerodynamic
Let me take you there

I am a
Cool and mellow man

Always got a plan

Copin' out problems every time i can

I'd like to be known as a great

If you got beef don't save it for later

I battle evil weekly monthly yearly
But every step i take the devil stays near me

Otherwise maintain on the globe
Just another space trippin' vato

Massive yang and yin on this earth
We spin

Sometimes i gotta center find out who i am

I chill out i let in the wind

I gotta feel the pulse of the planet on my skin

I got news for ya it ain't nothin' nice
We all got demons we all gotta vice
The struggle never ends
To keep it in check
But i never stop trying
To make the trek whadup

Which one is it who ya gonna believe
Undivided in my material being
Undivided life
You can't fade me
Desperate the cling i make to positivity
Stay gettin' it on til the doubt is gone
If you could be dissuaded you were dead all along
Like what's up now you can't fade me
Still in that same old trade of positivity

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