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1Tym – Make It Last lyrics

Ah chik doh nae gen eon che gad ah neol cheo eum man nan chi ga sarang eul pae oon chi ga
Neh doo seul kad eun noon eul nan ma nyang chyeo da po myeon keu cheo seul peo chyeo
Seh weol ee ga myeon pit pa rae chi get chi man
If you only knew I'll be there for you so lets

Make it last make it last
Neo moo soh choon han oo ri eui sarang eul
Just make it last make it last
Yeong weon han seh sang ham keh geol eo ga

Geu dae neun nae ga ga chin cheon poo ah chik doh mo reu get ni neon na eh geh cheon kook
Man yak ha neul ee nae ryeo an cha doh don't run, boo
Nae gyeod eh meo mool reo (yeong weon hi nae ga neo reul chi gyeo chool keh)
Ni ga seu reo chi chi an keh deu reo chin ta hae do nae goom eh neol an keh
Neo do gad eun ma eum ee ra go na saeng kak hae
Geu reo ni neo wa na oo ri yeong weon hal soo pak eh

Seh sang ee geu dael neo moo na ah peu keh hal tae dae ron chi chi geh hal teaen
Yeo gi seo it neun ae geh gi dae chi geut ee noon eul kam ah (close your eyes) pyeon hi cham teul eo
Si gan ee ga do pyeon ha chin an ket chi man baby
If you only knew how I care for you.
That I'd die for you so lets


Nae geh neon ha neul ee gi eh neon na eui goom ee gi eh
Neo moo soh choong han yeong weon han ah reum ta oon na eui neol wi hae


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